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I realise that a blog update is well overdue so here we go;

I have been busy with a number of projects and collaborations as 2013 kicks into gear. Two CD's reach completion and release dates are imminent. These include me playing as part of the (fabulous, but then again I may be biased! ;) Equinox saxophone enemble (based in Nottingham, UK) and a collaboration with Pastor Brenda Taylor (also fabulous!) who is known for her healing and worship ministry.

The CD with Equinox features an eclectic mix of exciting, thoughtful, known, and newly written / arranged music for nine piece saxophone ensemble. As a member of the group I have been fortunate enough to hear the tracks in advance, and must say I have been delighted with the results. Release date is anticipated to be around Spring time so keep tabs on the website or by following us on Twitter

The CD that I have had the pleasure to play on (Alto and soprano saxes, flute and clarinet) is an instrumental collaboration (Pastor Brenda Taylor on Piano) of soaking / prayer / meditation worship music written by Brenda. She has a reputation for her sweet spirit, anointed worship and songwriting skills. We both felt very strongly that although the melodies of the songs would be present to some extent, free (Holy Spirit led) improvisation must be a large part of the project. I must admit that I'm delighted by the audio that was captured and friends and family have commented that the tracks are indeed very soothing and perfect after a long day or if feeling frazzled! Details will be posted soon via the News page regarding details of the availability date (estimated end February 2013). Meanwhile, here's a little (2 in 1) audio sampler of two of the tracks; one with flute, and the other Alto sax (worship goes Baker Street! ;) 




Whilst recording this CD I realised that I have a genuine love of recording studio work; I thrive on the pressure to create an effective (and hopefully inspiring) result within a very limited time span, the perfectionist nature in me enjoys creating, learning and listening. I'm also really excited by the prospect that you have to be constantly adapting and able to switch style, attack or mood should it be required depending on what genre is required. All together very exciting!

New writing projects are underway; a graded duet book for Clarinet (grades 1 - 5) ; 40 Graded duets (8 of each, grade 1 - 5). Celtic collage (released last year for flute) is preparing for release in Alto saxophone edition (and later Clarinet / Tenor sax). As Masquerade music continues to spread its wings I look forward to working with other composers and bringing our sheet music to a wider customer base in addition to supporting our hard working woodwind teachers and students with a growing range of free resources on the website.

There is always so much more to write; I haven't even mentioned the teaching aspect of my work so far but that will wait for the moment. 

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