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(February 17, 2009)
Well, where to start!
As always I have dozens of snippets of melodies in my manuscript book that get jotted down as they pop into my head.
At present I am finishing a collection of short pieces inspired by my students. Two are completed; 'Truffle takes a stroll' (Truffle is a gorgeous chocolate labrador belonging to Pauline) and 'Loretta plays the blues'. I am halfway through 2 others, but am hoping to have around 6 to 8 pieces in the collection.
New pieces just forming include a haunting piece for Alto saxophone and piano, it seems to have influencing sounds of argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla, and features a rather forceful cadenza.
After messing about with my new 'toy' the Akai EWI 4000s, and beginning to explore what it is capable of, I have decided to write an ocean inspired piece of music that can show off it's unique capabilities and may include up to 3 EWI's, plus piano and saxophones. I am really excited so far about the ideas for this piece, it should be unusual, and will require slightly unusual techniques from some of the this space!
New celtic saxophone quartet is now complete. i have been asked if it could be arranged for penny whistle and fiddle, so that may be a small future project.

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