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(July 02, 2009)
I am pleased to report that tickets are now avaialable for our student showcase concert on Saturday 18th July. It will be fairly informal and will simply give willing volunteers a chance to practice up a piece or two for performance. Further details are on the 'Events' page. see me for tickets asap!
I have recently returned from a very enjoyable saxophone quartet weekend at Alston hall, Preston. The weekend worked at improving ourselves as quartet players, trying out new repertoire, and ended in a concert on the Sunday afternoon. Although it was very enjoyable, i was quite pleased to return home for some proper sleep, having been unable to drop off to sleep until around 4am both nights...argh!!!
I also had the pleasure in meeting Don Ashton (Arranger, Composer, renowned in strument repairer!) who very kindly offered to spend some time with me at the piano where a whole cascade of beautiful chords and harmonies appeared as by magic! He is obviously very knowledgeable in this area and I just about kept up!
Also, another quartet group decided to try out my 'Kayleigh in killarney' sax quartet and they captured the spirit of it very well indeed, plus they decided to perform it in the concert, so that was a lovely surprise.
I came back from the course fully inspired again, and after a week away with carl, lauren and Lewis in Padstow, i was itching to dive back on my piano (but it sadly compares very little to the beautiful glossy black steinway grand piano at Alston!). Since then, various pieces seem to be completing quite nicely. Recording is also continuing when time allows as the Mixed bag (not decided on a name yet for the collection, any ideas, let me know!) nears completion.
Right, off to do some practice soon!
Happy tootling,

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