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(August 07, 2009)
I have decided on the following dates for this initial year of Summer ensemble workshops;
Saxophone workshop - Thursday 20th August 10am - 12 noon (break midway for tea and cakes!)
Clarinet workshop - Thursday 27th August 10am - 12 noon (break midway for tea and cakes)
Flute workshop - Thursday 3rd September 10am - 12 noon (break midway for tea and cakes).
I will stress that the whole point of the workshops is to build confidence, experience group playing (if you haven't had the opportunity before) and have a bit of social fun! Because of this, the music WILL be intentionally on the easy side! However it is very important that each participant practices the pieces to the best of their ability in order to get the most out of the session.
Music has already been given out to some, and the rest should follow shortly. Please DO email if you are interested, it would be so beneficial to everyone. the cost of the 2 hour session is just £5 per person this year (to cover the music, tea and cakes and any child care costs that I may need to sort).
Happy Tootling!

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