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Review needed!! Can you help?

(September 17, 2009)
Are there any budding saxophonists/writers out there that feel they could write an informative, (and praising?!) review of 'Songs for Claire' which is featured here;
As a very new composer, no-one will really know my name so a positive review or two may really help. If you feel you could write a good review on the musicroom site (see link above), please let me know, i would be most grateful. Things to consider including;
The mood/journey
Tonality (major/minor)
The way that the 2 instruments interact
The use of Timbral trills to add emotion and a feeling of battling
Comments on the recording itself, the quality expression on the saxophone/piano?
The length of the suite (around 8 minutes)
Mentioning that the CD includes BOTH demo tracks AND backing tracks (this is not clear on musicrooms website!)
Suitability for an excellent recital piece.
Any other nice things you could think up!!
If you would like to borrow my copy of the music/CD then I am more than happy to loan it.
Thank you,

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