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(August 17, 2011)

I was recently approached by a well established (30+ years!) UK music publisher regarding my compositions. I had sent a sample to them around a year previously, but as many other composers will agree, it can often be a loooooooooong time before publishers hold their 'new works' discussion meetings!

I received a very complimentary email from the director himself requesting that I consider sending along my entire 'portfolio' of music. This was duly done and soon after followed the offer of publishing.......

I must admit, it was tempting; all the printing, stapling, folding, posting, promoting would be done by them and not me, also tempting was the fact that they had the avenues to get the music worldwide. However I then got to thinking......

Without sounding blas´e, if they could do it then so could I. Yes it would likely take me more time but still...... I also didn't like the idea of them being my 'sole publisher' (although I can see why they specify this of course due to the time and finances they need to spend on getting a new composers 'name' out there). I prefer to be in control of my own music and have been encouraged by all the positive reviews received so far. Also, my writing output can vary (and i'm fine with that) sometimes i'm bursting with projects, other times i'm concentrating on performing / teaching, or simply enjoying time with the family. Being tied to a publisher may mean that they would expect regular output and I prefer to write as and when it happens to be honest.

So..... here I am, still stapling, folding, and shouting at the printer. Busy, but happy that I feel the right decision has been made. was launched in December 2010 and visits are growing month by month, no doubt helped along by the competition giveaways (simply join the mailing list on the 'about us' page to be made aware of future competitions and offers) and all the lovely musicians choosing to perform my music out there.

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments so far and if you haven't yet visited my website; i'd love for you to pop by.

Keri D.

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