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Delighted to be part of a new venture; @twtrsymphony

(May 03, 2012)


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2012 has brought many exciting new opportunities and projects (more details of to be added into my new blog... coming soon) but the one I thought I'd mention in here is the exciting @twtrsymphony - a worldwide symphony of musicians who cyber interacted through the social media site twitter.

Basically, A few weeks ago, USA composer Mr Chip Michael had the brainwave to unite musicians from all corners (curves!) of the globe to create music in 140 beats or less (in compliance with the twitter rule of 140 characters or less ;). Mutterings (of the positive kind) were heard on twitter and it wasn't long before I 'tweeted' Chip for details.

Basically, those interested then received an audition piece via email; a pdf part, a click track and a click track/digital melody interpretation. We all toddled off and practiced our part, recorded it and zapped it back through cyber space! I'm pleased to report that after a succesful audition I was given a chair as soprano sax :)

The music is rhythmically challenging; often in uneven (and constantly changing metre's) so I have little triangles, bridges and squares doodled abouve the whole piece reminding me how I need to sub divide my bar of 13/8 and 15/8 etc. Of course the articulations (which again are often unexpected!) and dynamics need to be spot on as all these separate parts will need to be fused together to create the symphony. Suffice it to say I'm really enjoying the challenge and am looking forward to hearing the finished movements.

The twitter related symphony can be found on twitter here 

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