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A 'Gem' of an adventure with Sam and Amy

(March 03, 2014)

Keri with Sam from Gem 106


Radio Gem 106 (Nottingham, and Midlands popular radio station, UK) listeners will be familiar with the brilliant Sam and Amy shows (along with the multi-talented 'Dangerous Dave') that are aired every morning. My little adventure started thus....

I was driving in my car (around 9th February) listening to the show, when it was discovered that Sam (the daft one) posessed a saxophone; although it had been lying dormant in a spare room for many many years. On hearing this the rest of the radio crew insist that, Valentine's day impending and all, he perform the iconic Sax solo from George Michael's Careless whisper 80's classic. Sam seemed well up for the idea but, as the week progressed it was evident that he perhaps wasn't putting in the required preparation for the big event, and much squeaking and honking was produced, (and an insistance that actually he had the 'wrong' sort of sax; his didn't go that high!) ;D. See this short video of Sam and his 'repertoire' of Memory (from Cats, his one piece he can get through....sort of.... ouch!). Click the picture to view the video.


Sam plays Memory


As you can imagine, I was in stitches in the car, and in my lunch break tweeted my encouragement to him, little knowing the repercussions to follow......

The next day I received a phone call from Paul (the Producer) asking if I might be free the next morning to give Sam a saxophone lesson live on air . After a mini panic I got myself together and realised this would be too fun an opportunity to miss, so set about creating the 'Careless Whisper for dummies' chart; a sort of play by numbers chart which I use with new students to get them playing a few songs before we embark on reading notation.

Did Sam nail the big performance? You'll have to watch and see (click on the pics to watch the Youtube videos).....

Sam practice 1   Sam, practice 2   Keri plays it. Youtube
Sam, practice 1. Youtube   Sam, practice 2. Youtube   Keri plays it! Youtube
Keri plays, Sam dances   Sam prepares the mood pic   Sams big performance

You HAVE to watch Sam in the background!



Sam sets the mood for

the big performance....



The big performance!





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