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Sue Trickey: Beautiful compositions and brilliant playing. I am glad to have found you. Blessings. Sue  Sep 20
Ethereal Brandy: Hi dear Keri :) Thank you for becoming a fan! Your music is very beautiful! I used the play the clarinet in grade school and junior high and loved it :) How impressive all the instruments you play (and so wonderfully)!  Sep 11
Ramon Jose: Hi, I love your compositions, they are simply amazing.  Aug 15
Peter Dewar-Finch: Wonderful music Keri. I never knew that the Saxophone could be so beautifully lyrical.  Jul 15
Veronika Kondi: I love your music, especially the Tango pieces!  Jul 03
Pat Savage: Excellent music. Nice stuff :)  Jun 26
Karlheinz Fey: Hi Keri, thanks a lot! I enjoy your music very much. Great tunes and sound! Have a lot of success! Best regards Karlheinz  Jun 10
Sax4fun - saxophone quartet: Keri, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your compositions and playing a lot. (I guess the SATB pieces were synthetic, midi?) all the best, ~Harri  May 17
Shiv: Beautiful music ...  May 11
Auriemma: Myriads is a spectacular passage
Other Comments;
'Kayleigh' is even more fun than I remembered from the Sax Day, we love playing it, and it is accessible and good to listen to.  We played it at an informal church do locally, and it was very well recieved; so much so that we have planned to play it at a charity do in Stapleford tomorrow evening (Saturday 20th), and it has occurred to me that we should ask your permission, as composer. It's a great little piece, and we will try to play it well.  I'm very impressed with your work,  I think we will be hearing much more from you,
very best wishes,
 Heather (Reviewing 'Kayleigh in Killarney' Saxophone quartet SATB)

"On hearing your piece the first thing that struck me was your ability to string out a simple theme over two pages without wearying either players or listener. Believe me, that is an achievement." by Don Ashton (renowned instrument repairer/arranger/composer).
"Hey Keri, 
I have to say i think your songs for claire are absolutley amazing, they really have a sense of passion and emotion behind them which is a real rarity in music i find. This email really is an email to thank you, your amazing composition has helped me so much. It is the first real piece i have learned on the soprano saxophone and has really got me loving my new instrument, not only this but i chose it as my A level performence piece and have acheived all the possible marks 40/40 and in my opinion it is due to your music. It truly is an inspiring piece.
Once again thank you and please do keep me posted if you bring any new compositions out. 
 Yours in admiration,
"The songs sound great. Well played! I particualrly like your compositional style as it is immediately accessible and highly effective without being too technically demanding. It is  very easy to write difficult music but much harder to compose effectively within feasible perameters. Mozart never relied on virtuosity in his instrumental writing! Everything he wrote was technically do-able. 
Best wishes
Jim" (James Rae - Composer, Performer, Teacher).
"Wow, wow and wow again!!! Congratulations on your compositions! I haven't really heard much classical saxophone - it's beautiful! I especially love 'Living Life'. The piano is lovely too - just the sort of music I love to listen to!

Thanks for sharing this with us "
Laura (ABRSM Forums)
".... the music certainly does portray what you intended. It makes beautiful listening too" DawnF (ABRSM forums)
"I found Claire's story and your music very moving, you are both a gifted composer and performer. The music is beautiful." Tuba George (ABRSM forums)
"Hi Keri,I just wanted to tell you how moved I was by your piece. I lost my daughter, (name removed), at age seven, to a brain tumor 11 years ago. Your piece brought tears to my eyes. Its nice to know that those who are gone are not forgotten."
ABRSM forum user.